Volunteers will clean client centered spaces such as our counseling suites, SOLACE Center, shelter, and e-filing room.
Volunteers will work in our food pantry organizing and sorting donations. These items will be used to support our clients and families fleeing domestic violence.
TRLC Trail Crew is a fun way to get outdoors and put in a good hard day’s work of building trail. Spend your day helping create a public space that people will enjoy for generations to come.
We need your help getting 2000 Nutrition & Physical Activity Calendars distributed to schools across the state!
We need volunteers to lay mulch on our health education themed playground.
Volunteers are needed help handout clues and facilitate the challenges along our race route- giving instructions and keeping an eye on competitors. Volunteers are needed from 9am to 2pm and each of our race locations needs about 4-5 volunteers to help facilitate the challenge.
Volunteers will help set up, run and clean up for Rain Barrel workshop with We Plant It Forward staff
In this position, you will ensure that each and every toy is put in its proper place. Sponsors will bring in toys for their “Angel,” and your job will be to make sure that everything is where it should be in time for distribution day!
We still need volunteers who are willing to help us set up our Toy Shop warehouse! We are getting presents for over 1,000 children delivered to our warehouse location; that's a lot of gifts! Can you help us organize our Toy Shop?
In this position, you will prepare and label our “Angels” to be distributed throughout the community and to our sponsors.